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Barbed Wire and Razor Wire In Fencing

When you are looking for an extra security for your fencing then you should consider turning to razor wire coil. We’ll not make this blog post too complicated, but will mainly answer few important questions when it comes to fencing.

What is razor wire?

Similar to barbed wire, razor wire is used for high security reasons. Razor wire is a mesh of metal strips with very sharp edges, and the purpose of course like for the barbed wire is to prevent any passage, usually by humans as you would not use razor wire for your cattle as razor wire is much sharper than the barbed wire and it could harm your animals. The name is razor wire, but it’s not actually as sharp as razor, but it does have very sharp points and can rip the clothing and even flesh.

Barbed Wire and Razor Wire In Fencing

What is barbed wire?

Barbed wire is also known as barb wire and has been a big helper since the middle of 19th century. Barbed wire was the first wire technology that was capable of restraining the cattle and keeping them where they were supposed to be. At the same time holding wild animals away. Barbed wire was one of the cheapest fencing alternatives and to this day is the fencing solutions that is not as costly as other fencing types. 

Barbed wire is a steel fencing wire with sharp edges, or points or call them however, that are sticking out at intervals along the strands. Barbed wire is used not only, like already mentioned before, to restrain cattle or other farm animals, but also as a wire obstacle on top of the fences and even walls (jails) for high security reasons. 

When should you use?

Firstly you have to know the regulations of your area as it might happen that it’s not even allowed to be installed. Barbed wire and razor wire are used for security reasons and this is why some areas forbid to install them – simply because of the security reasons for the surrounding environment.

Once that is clear and let’s say you know that it’s allowed to install either barbed wire or razor wire, or both, you really need to know the purpose of installing one, or adding it to your fence. As mentioned then when it comes to your cattle or other farm animals, then you should go with barbed wire as razor wire might injure your animals. But let’s say if you need it for security reasons in jails or airports, then you might go with razor wire, or install both at the same time on top of your security fence.

Barbed Wire and Razor Wire In Fencing

Install on fencing

Barbed and razor wire are used for a high security reasons, so they are basically security fencing solutions. Very commonly barbed or razor wire is used with chain link fence: either putting it on top of the chain wire fencing, or even through or over it, depending on the security needs. Also using barbed wire and razor wire at the same time is not a rare thing to see, quite common actually. You can use both of them, razor and barbed wire with other fencing types.

Barbed wire and razor wire are two great options to add some extra security to your fencing solutions. But don’t risk with your own safety when installing one or the other, especially if you haven’t done it before. Call fencing specialists YISHUO, we will give you good advice!

Barbed Wire and Razor Wire In Fencing

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