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Razor Wire

Razor Wire

Razor wire (also referred to as barbed tape or ribbon) is used to protect boundaries and/or perimeters by preventing or dissuading passage by humans. Razor wire’s points are made very sharp and meant for ripping clothes and flesh as it follows the curves in the body when a person tries to cross over them. Razor wire acts both as a physical and psychological deterrent. Razor wire/barbed tape is prohibited in some countries due to its potentially dangerous nature.

Concertina razor coils is supplied typically in single coils or crossed spiral coils. We can produce razor type barbed wire in concertina coils or straight lines. Blade types and specifications vary according to the customers' requirements.The Concertina Barbed Wire Price is reasonable.Welcome to contact us if you are interested in our products.

Concertina razor coils is made by stainless steel sheets and galvanized high tensile claps. It has a beautiful crossing outlook and it is suitable for uses after extending, making an ideal security fencing with great anti-climb and anti-cutting property. Standard materials for razor type barbed wire are either galvanized or stainless steel.

Main application: Concertina Razor coils is used as security fencing and isolation for gardens, residences, military sites and other sites requiring high security.

The Concertina Barbed Wire Price is reasonable. Besides,the Concertina Barbed Wire contains a core hardened steel strip that is often under tension, so if cut, it strikes the cutter.Welcome to contact us if you are intersted in our products.

Types of Razor Wire

  • Razor Wire Fence

  • Concertina Razor Coils

  • Razor Wire Flat Wrap Coils

  • Welded Razor Wire

  • Razor Ribbon

  • Razor Wire Mobile Security Barrier

  • Galvanized Razor Wire

  • Straight Line Razor Wire Fence

  • Stainless Steel Razor Wire

  • Razor Wire Concertina

  • Double Concertina Razor Wire

Barbed Wire vs. Razor Wire

Razor wire is a flexible, sturdy metal tape with long thin steel spear-like razor-sharp barbs that can be used to keep away unwanted intruders. It catches clothing or pierces through flesh and any other obstacles in its way – making it an effective tool for securing an area against intrusion. It’s difficult to circumvent the barrier of razor wire without proper tools.

Barbed wire is a cost-effective and versatile option for many different barrier applications. It has sharp pointed spikes/barbs along its edges that are meant to deter intruders from scaling it easily or stopping intruders before they have even arrived at their destination. Barbed wire can cause puncture wounds for those trying to circumvent this type of barrier. Barbed wire is an alternative to the more expensive razor wire, but it has lower performance and less deterrent effect than razor wire.

Razor Wire and Perimeter Security

Detection at the perimeter enables security personnel to quickly assess and respond to security events while intruders remain delayed or caught up in the razor wire. Any attempt to cut, bypass or disturb the razor wire is immediately detected. Yishuo Building Materials’s fence-mounted perimeter intrusion detection sensors, including the FlexZone locating fence-mounted sensor and FiberPatrol fiber-optic intrusion detection sensor, are designed to be installed on razor wire and enhance its effectiveness at providing perimeter security.

Areas of Use

  • Military installations

  • Government buildings

  • Industrial facilities

  • Airports

  • Prisons

  • Borders

  • Hospitals

What Yishuo Building Materials Offers

Yishuo Building Materials produces and exports various types of guardrails, blade barbed wire, storage cages, and horticultural metal products. We have the most advanced automatic welding equipment, laser cutting equipment, and plastic spray production lines. Our products are widely used in subways, factories and industrial sites, real estate and residential quarters, government schools, stadiums, municipal roads, airports and ports, landscaping and ecology. 

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