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Mining Screen Mesh

Mining Screen Mesh

Mining Screen Mesh                        

Yishuo Building Materials supplies various types of guardrails, blade barbed wire, storage cages,horticultural metal products and Vibrating Screen Mesh. Our screens can be supplied hooked or unhooked in applications for crusher and shaker screens, conveyor lines, and trommels for the mining & quarrying industry, across Europe, America, Canada.

Yishuo Building Materials provides a wide range of mining and quarry screens of various aperture & wire diameters. Screens are available in high tensile and stainless steel with or without tensioning folds. Polyurethane screens of all types and dimensions are also available.

Applications :

Mining Screen Mesh are best suited for the screening of abrasive materials due to their high wear rate. High-tensile screens serve many mining and quarry applications, including the screening of all types of minerals, soil, sand and stone crushing. The screening media is ready for installation on machines of all types and ideal for many industries: mineral processing, cement, chemical, gravel, sand, coal, iron ore and much more.

Advantage Of Mining Screen:

High mechanical strength, large carrying capability

High abrasion and chemical corrosion resistance

Excellent vibration and impact resistance

Large screening area

A long service life

Yishuo Building Materials supplies polyurethane coated-wire screens for machinery screening for heavy-industrial, agricultural, mining & quarrying equipment.  Yishuo Building Materials stocks perforated sheets, heavy-duty expanded walkway mesh, fine woven wire mesh & forged grating, and Mining Screen Mesh for the extractive industry. Optimizing our advanced technology, We manufacture and supply a wide range of Mining Screens that are extensively used for Filtration of various materials. Manufactured from quality Polyurethane, these Mining Screens are appreciated by our customers for their consistent performance and durable life. Our assortment can also be provided in customized specifications as per our customer’s requirement.

As part of Yishuo Building Materials’s quality control process with our exclusive partnered supplier, our team send our customers images detailing critical measurements of the screens on order, prior to their despatch. This gives our customers peace of mind, knowing that the product has been made within specification and their orders will be delivered in full and on-time.  Yishuo Building Materials can provide material certificates and tensile testing through companies like  SGS New Zealand | When You Need To Be Sure or other similar third parties.

Contact our sales office today if you would like to find out more about Yishuo Building Materials’s products, were wanting catalogue’s or sample sent out to your site or office.

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